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Some load-securement companies make it seem so simple: Just stick an air bag here and there, and you’re set. You can’t blame them—sometimes that’s all they have to offer. When you work with Down River, you get a network of North American load-securement specialists who can identify and solve any dunnage shipping problem. We can come to your site and analyze your dunnage shipments. Then, we can determine the most effective and economical load bracing materials and the most efficient loading schemes for your products. We can even train your employees how to efficiently and safely brace your shipments. So you can protect your products, your employees, and your customers’ employees.

Count on us for expertise.

With more products protecting shipments for more industries, G-ForceTM Load Securement Innovations can help your bottom line. They’re designed and implemented by a highly trained team of experts to help you best secure your shipments for any mode.

Variety of G-Force bags, braces, fill

A broad range of products.
A broad range of industry experience.

Down River G-Force not only has one of the broadest product lines in the business, but our load securement innovations protect shipments for many industries. They’re designed and implemented by a highly trained team of experts in the business to help companies of all sizes to secure their shipments for any mode. That’s the meaning behind “You ship it. We protect it.”