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Better thinking for inside your boxcars.

Why product protection in boxcars is crucial.

Front view of a train engine

Properly secured unitized goods requires special attention.  During transit, items are subject to load shifts, sudden impact, and careless handling.  More than risking the quality of the goods, you risk the following as well: 

  • Customer dissatisfaction and loss of repeat business
  • Rejected loads
  • Increased costs due to replaced, salvaged, or disposed product
  • Possible penalties and fines
  • Employee injury
  • Lost sales

Boxcars have a unique set of challenges for transportation specialists. Let our Down River Load Securement professionals set you up with the products, experience, and knowledge to design a load-securement system to meet your specific guidelines, needs and products.

No one offers a more complete line.

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Void Fillers

Drop down Void Fillers Excellent lateral void fillers for center or sidewall voids. Ship and store knocked down, saving cost and space. Available in many standard sizes.


Air Bags

G-force Air Bags Brace your load, creating a bulkhead for very strong and effective load restraint. Available in vinyl; levels 1-5 paper (2-8 ply); and levels 3-5 polywoven.


Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb Panels Panel void fillers for filling lengthwise or lateral voids and pallet underhang, whether in boxcars, trailers, or containers.
Often used adjacent to reduce voids for optimum Air Bag performance.



Bulkhead Panels

Bulkhead Panels Prevent lengthwise shifting of uneven loads. Securely brace products at “step-ups” and “step-downs” in loading patterns. Built with lumber reinforcement. Lightweight yet very strong. Tailor-sized to the application, so no cutting required.


Lock'n Load

Brace Fillers

Lock 'n Load Brace Fillers For filling lengthwise voids in shipments of panel products and other commodities. Very strong and light. AAR-approved.



Filler blocks Filler-Blocks fill the cubic space of a pallet load of your product without the weight. Used to increase shipping capacity beyond blocks of 4 pallet loads in boxcars and to spread weight distribution in intermodal shipments.
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Variety of G-Force bags, braces, fill

Configure your solution..

Work with your Down River Load Securement Specialist to determine which products suit your needs best. If our products don’t meet your exact needs, our engineers can custom-design a solution for you. We have facilities and load-securement experts strategically located across North America, so we’re never far away.