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About Down River

There's More to Down River

Down River began more than 40 years ago with the first corrugated honeycomb dunnage void filler, the Dor-Kor void filler and components for flush doors. Since then, we have developed many load securement products and services, continually increasing our selection and capabilities. In 2013, we became part of Signode Industrial Group. This acquisition included our strategic regional locations, our products, services, product development pipeline, and intellectual property.

Backed by the resources of Signode Industrial Group, Down River operates as one of its several business units in the area of protective packaging. As such we are able to provide more value to our customers by offering one of the industry’s broadest selections of load securement products, enabling us to provide complete load securement systems, thereby often reducing freight costs, inventory costs, and administrative costs for our customers. Combined with several value-added services, such as on-site load securement evaluations, best practices recommendations, load securement training, and test shipment origin and arrival condition report, Down River delivers the cost savings and value that commercial and industrial shippers are seeking.

About Signode Industrial Group

Our Brands Are Trusted Around the Globe.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging, Signode Industrial Group makes the bulk transportation of goods possible. The $2.4 billion global company has 88 manufacturing facilities across six continents.

Our products are sold around the world in developed and emerging markets under well-known and trusted brand names, including: Acme Packaging, Angleboard, Burseryds Bruk, Caretex, Dacro, Down River, Fleetwood, GaleWrap, Haloila, H.Bohl, Josef Kihlberg, Kiwiplan, Lachenmeier, Lock N’ Pop, Loveshaw, Mezger Heftsysteme, Mima, MIP, Muller, Multi-Wall, Orgapack, Shippers Products, Signode, Silawrap and Strapex.

Our businesses produce strap, stretch and protective packaging. They also manufacture dunnage packaging tools and equipment used to apply the bulk packaging materials. These commercial packaging products are used to contain, unitize, protect and secure goods during warehousing and shipment. Our company is a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector with a long history of customer-focused innovations in materials, processes and automation technology that have revolutionized the sector.

With nearly 7,000 employees working in facilities throughout the US, Europe and Asia, we maintain leading positions in our businesses through our global scale, broad product portfolio and long-standing global customer relationships.

Variety of G-Force bags, braces, fill

A broad range of products.
A broad range of industry experience.

Down River G-Force not only has one of the broadest product lines in the business, but our load securement innovations protect shipments for many industries. They’re designed and implemented by a highly trained team of experts in the business to help companies of all sizes to secure their shipments for any mode. That’s the meaning behind “You ship it. We protect it.”