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Paylode and Down River® Form Strategic Partnership For Greater Protection and Cost Savings

(April 30, 2015) Stockton, CA – Down River and PendaForm’s Paylode Cargo Protection Division now offer a one-stop shop for cargo protection and load securement for transporting products via boxcar, containers, and trailers. Paylode’s reusable, HDPE bulkheads, void panels and separator boards, combined with Down River's corrugated dunnage products, airbags, strapping and friction mats, provide all levels of effective cargo protection under one roof.  The partnership adds the benefits of convenience for customers, faster response times and provides a full range of options for nearly all types of unitized goods being shipped by rail, ocean, or road.

“With this partnership in place, customers can review all of their cargo protection options through one source.  They now have the ability to weigh the cost advantages of long-term reusable solutions against traditional void fill solutions.  This allows them to make the best decisions for their supply chain needs,” says Mike Beattie, Paylode Business Development Manager.

“Damaged product during transport is extremely costly to every party in the supply chain,” says David Christiansen, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Down River.   “The combination of both reusable, heavy-duty spacers and panels along with innovative disposable dunnage options allows for unique solutions for nearly any shipping situation.  In addition, Down River has six strategic regional support centers located in Chicago, Illinois; Hazelton, Pennsylvania; Macon, Georgia; Woodland, Washington; Stockton, California and Nashville, Tennessee.”  The support centers are in place to provide close proximity to most shippers, creative consultations and cost effective solutions to customers throughout the U.S.

For more information on cargo and securement protection solutions, go to www.GoDunnage.com.   For more information on PAYLODE cargo securement products and systems, go to www.PAYLODE.com  or call David Christiansen at 360-600-7499.

About Down River
Down River began in 1970 with the first corrugated honeycomb void filler, the DorKor void filler and components for flush doors.  Since then, Down River has developed many valued load securement products and services.  In 2014 Down River transitioned to become part of the newly formed Signode Industrial Group. Backed by the resources of Signode Industrial Group, Down River operates as one of its several business units in the area of protective packaging.

Go to www.GoDunnage.com for more information.

About PendaForm
PendaForm is the largest heavy-gauge thermoformer in North America and provides market-leading solutions in a wide variety of industries including: automotive, material handling, packaging, engineered components, heavy truck, containment, and water management.

For more information, go to www.pendaform.com.

Paylode reusable bulkhead spacers and void panels

Down River securement systems including straps, wraps and airbags are the first level of protection against foods, beverages and consumer goods arriving damaged at the final destination. Paylode reusable bulkhead spacers and void panels add a second level of protection by buffering the products against the excessive damage that sometimes renders products unusable.