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Load Securement Brace

For less shift in your shipments.

When you need to brace and restrain your cases, cargo, bags, bins, or other containers, you need light but sturdy bracing, like G-Force® Brace Components. They ship and store knocked down, and are easy to install. Choose from a broad variety of sizes for excellent protection against product shifting.

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G-Force Wood-Kor®

Bulkhead Panels

Bulkhead panel Securely brace products at “step-ups” and “step-downs” in loading patterns. Lightweight yet very strong. Lumber reinforcement. Several sizes available, so no cutting is required.


Air Bags

Air Bag Filler Brace your load, creating a bulkhead for optimum load securement. Very strong for absorbing impacts and exerting pressure. Available in levels 1-5 paper (2-8 ply) and levels 3-5 polywoven.

G-Force Ty-Gard 2000®

Fabric Load Restraint

Ty-Gard Fabric Load Restraint rolls and tools Extremely efficient. Each roll contains enough material for up to seven shipments. AAR-approved for use with hazardous materials and in intermodal loads.


Friction Mats

Friction Mats Designed to restrain products placed on them. Easy to use. AAR-approved. Available in sheets or perforated rolls for easy dispensing.



Strapping High-strength woven polyester strapping delivers high-performance securement with ease-of-use and safety. AAR-approved.

Down River® Brace Products are built to hold products where you want them. Our Down River Load Securement Specialists can train your employees how best to use them.

Brace products are just part of the many product groupings offered by Down River. Ask your Down River Load Securement Specialist for information on our full line and our unique custom-design capabilities.

Protect your products and your profits.

Symbol guide for Boxcar, Intermodal, OTR, and Roll Paper
G-Force Vinyl Air Bags***   36", 40", 48" 36" - 72"
Paper Air
2 Ply Level 1 24", 36", 48" 36" - 96"
AR   36", 48" 36" - 96"
4 Ply Level 2 36", 48" 36" - 108"
6 Ply Level 3 30", 36", 48" 36" - 120"
8 Ply Level 4 30", 36", 48" 36" - 120"
G-Force Polywoven
Air Bags***
Level 1 36", 48" 36" - 96"
Level 3 30", 48", 60" 30" - 108"
Level 4 30", 36", 48", 60" 30" - 120"
Level 5 30", 36", 48", 60" 30" - 120"
G-Force Wood-Kor®
Bulkhead Panels
AAR-Approved** 24", 36", 48" 48", 60", 72", 84", 96"
G-Force Ty-Gard 2000®
Fabric Load Restraint
AAR-Approved** 16" 250' per roll
(50 applications per roll)
Friction Mats
AAR-Approved** 12", 24"
(also can be sized to
the application)
36", 48"
(also can be sized to
the application)
AAR-Approved** 1.25", 1.675" 670'-835'
per roll

*Refer to Air Bag Application Definition table below.
**Refer to AAR loading guides for information on specific approvals and applications.
***Additional sizes are available. Most standard widths and lengths of Air Bags are available in 12” increments.

To find out more about our engineering and design capabilities as well as our North American footprint, contact your Down River® Load Securement Specialist today.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Lateral applications Lateral applications; lengthwise applications in loads up to 75,000 LBS. Lengthwise applications in loads 75,000 – 160,000 LBS. Lengthwise applications in loads 160,000 – 205,000 LBS. Lengthwise applications in voids up to 18 inches, in loads 160,000 – 205,000 LBS.
Variety of G-Force bags, braces, fill

G-Force: Backed by the best.

With G-Force, great products are just the beginning. At Down River, we have the infrastructure and support to give you the best load-securement solutions for your shipments. They include:

  • Strategic Locations across North America
  • Load-securement specialists
  • Cargo Securement assessment & audits
  • On-site training
  • Custom load-securement solutions